Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kerela Beef Fry

Being eyeing this one up for ages. It's from the awesome The Food of India - if you take a look at the other entries in this blog you'll see how much I adore this series of cook books.

Anyway - we'd got back from the NCT class (wait for the mashed banana recipes), and this looked like a quick one. As it turned out - it was quick - largely because it wasn't realy a curry - more a chinese/indian stir fry mix. So...out went cumin and corriander and in came lemon juice and soy. The result was genuinely lovely with an almost strange mid asian flavour.

A random set of ingrediant for 'indian'.....

Didn't have any potatoes - so decided on Aubergines instead. Worked really well.

The sauce was a combination of soy / chilli powder / lemon juice and tomatoe paste.

Well it is called beef fry

Frying the onions separately made them crispy and distinct in the final dish

The peas cooking in the reduced sauce.

Before adding the beef and potatoes (OK - aubergines)

Pungent & spicy - and the beef stayed lovely and tender

Friday, 28 August 2009

Dan Dan Mian

Still working in Paris most of the week - so the chance for a cook-up at home and something non-European is great.

Another one of the Sichuan favourites I'd been meaning to cook for sometime (again from the awesome Fuschia Dunlop book).

The usual suspects (but this time with some black vinegar involved)

It's noodles with pork mince - think of it as a Chinese Spag bog and you are not far wrong

We bought (and used) too much pork. Less would have been more as I think it changed the balance of the overall dish. That said - the pork was fantastic.

The sauce that ends up being poured over the final dish

Building the dish with some wilted bok choi first

Bit of a mess after the noodles, pork and sauce are thrown together

The finished dish. Fantastic again. I LOVE Sichaun food!

Loving close up (as Keith Floyd might say)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Real Lemonade

Somehting about going to Lou's parents cottage brings out the home cook in me. Last birthday I made a superb spicy apple chutney.

As it was promising to be a nice weekend I decide on some real lemonade.

First take some Lemons

Blizz 'em

Sieve 'em (did three 'pressings')


Norfolk Vegetable Anti-Pasta with Grilled Lamb

Went to Roy's of Wroxham with an ingredient list for Green Chicken Curry. However - with a fabulous display of local veg - I decided to do a simple homage to these

I was going to make a Ratatouille. I always prepare and cook the veg separately. In the end I decided to cool them and keep seperate as Anti pasta

Trying the arty photo

Griddled the lamb

Served it up Jamie style - and ended up knocking the chilli bowl on the floor !!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Breakfast Pork Chops

I've mentioned before I am a fan of Roys of Wroxham. I was therefore intriged to see this cut of meat.....

Great I thought - BIG BACON!

Actually - it they were far more 'chop' than 'breakfast' - needed to be far more salty for my morning taste buds. Still felt like an American for a few minutes!

PS: Tinned tomatoes. A breakfast is not breakfast without them.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Jamie's Crispy & Sticky Chicken Thighs

We were up in Lou's folks lovely Norfolk cottage. As always, Jamie's cookbook - Jamie at Home - came with us. A great book that supported an awesome TV series. Simple homecooked food with the Jamie twist. Nice one boyo.

Anyway - we decided on this one, as we had had our eye on it for a few months, and it seemed appropriate for the late sumer tea.

I boned the chicken thighs and cut them into strips.

We found some yellow toms in the awesome Roy's of Roxham. I am SUCH a fan of this place - I really look forward to getting the supplies in when we go up to Norfolk. Yes - I know it's now owned by Nica - but serioulsy - they have a dedication to local produce that is not matched in London. It really is a village store dressed up as a small supermarket.

The secret to this dish is to fry the chicken strips before assembling, making sure the skin is nice and crispy. Even after an additional 40 mins in the oven the chicken was still moist.

The recipe calls for a oregano, oilve oil and red wine vinegar 'sauce'. Unfortunatley we could only get dried oregano and I think the result was poorer for it

The dish assembled before the cooking. Squash the pots with your thumb Jamie style!

And 40 mins later

Actually - we were slighly disappointed. It needed a bit of a boost - some garlic or chilli or something. Maybe with fresh oregano - but still not sure. However - managed to polish it off !

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Peppered Steak

At the moment I'm lucky enough to be working in Paris during the week. However - despite trying hard, I've not yet found any totally brilliant places to eat.
So, when I got back from the Eurostar on Friday - Lou had bought some steak and I thought - we'll lets see what we can do. Took a quick look at Food of France to get inspiration and then off we went.....

Coated the steaks in plenty of mixed peppercorns

Fried in butter

Flaumbe with congac (and it was a hot night!!)

Better than any meal in Paris (this time round)

Note the Laguiole knives

Some oyster mushrooms finished it off

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Croque Madam

Working from home. Lou was there too. Fancied cheese on toast. Tarted it up and 'eh voila' I can charge Eur15 for this !!

Enjoying lunch in the garden.

Smoked Pork Hock

Decided to break open the smoker for a Sunday afternoon.

Quite an amusing cut of meat if you have my sense of humour...

The beginning of a piquant cabbage salad. I thought this ended up superb

A good mate Mac bought us these little le Creuset mini-cassoroles for our wedding. Been waiting to try them for ages. Thanks Mac.

After 5 hours....

Only problem is it doesn't crisp the skin (which I did under the grill later)

The finished dish..

Main problem was the pork was way too satly to be enjoyable. Not sure if I should have soaked it before hand??

Looks good though!