Friday, 28 August 2009

Dan Dan Mian

Still working in Paris most of the week - so the chance for a cook-up at home and something non-European is great.

Another one of the Sichuan favourites I'd been meaning to cook for sometime (again from the awesome Fuschia Dunlop book).

The usual suspects (but this time with some black vinegar involved)

It's noodles with pork mince - think of it as a Chinese Spag bog and you are not far wrong

We bought (and used) too much pork. Less would have been more as I think it changed the balance of the overall dish. That said - the pork was fantastic.

The sauce that ends up being poured over the final dish

Building the dish with some wilted bok choi first

Bit of a mess after the noodles, pork and sauce are thrown together

The finished dish. Fantastic again. I LOVE Sichaun food!

Loving close up (as Keith Floyd might say)

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