Heston's Shepherds Pie

I'd been reading my Heston Blumenthal at Home over Christmas. It's an interesting book - just focusing on doing normal meals very well.

I'd bought a cheap leg of lamb, and so so decided to have a go at the Shepherds Pie

I braised the lamb low and slow for 6 hours....

and after shredding the meat off the bone (with a spoon!) it left this amazing stock. Heston suggested infusing some rosemary for 20 mins as it was cooling....

The pie is made with shredded roast lamb and lamb mince. No lamb mince in the shop - so had to break up these lamb balls ! Nothing like a bit of impro...

Another Heston trick to enhance the flavors...some Star Anise. It's all about knowing your onions

A really decent base of mushrooms and celery and carrots

And then the two textures of lamb mixed in with some peas

Topped off with a lovely mustard mash

Not the best picture / presentation -  but it was fantastic...could have eaten the whole lot in one sitting on my own...it was sized for 6 :o)


Unknown said…
Think I'll try it tomorrow. But where's the Worcester sauce?