Friday, 22 March 2013

Macha Jhol - Wet Fish Curry

I'd watched Rick Stein cook this on his excellent Far Eastern Odyssey series, and I'd been itching to cook it. I'd liked the series because I thought he chose some quite interesting dishes - this one included, as it had a strange combination of fish, aubergine and lentils.

The Panch phoran spice mixture. Kept whole in this dish.

The cod got a dusting of turmeric and then a browning fry did the pots

This is what I really liked - adding the lentils to the spice mix for a fry

And low the finished dish. It was lovely. As the man said, it was quite wet, as in a lot of liquid, and at first it didn't have the punch of a normal gravy style curry. However, the individual spices worked well, and gave little flavor burst - and I ended up loving it.

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