Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dung Po Pork

I'd been itching to cook Chinese again after having a conversation with a mate about what to cook from the excellent Food of China (check link on left to see what I've done from it)

This one caught my eye - and a perfect bit of pork presented itself at the supermarket. Awesome.

Lou had invited some friends around - which meant I could experiment with a few more dishes...which is exactly what I did!

Firstly the pork was shallow fried until crisp - and then allowed to cool and dry

It was then braised for 3 hours in a sauce of rock sugar, dark and light Soya and Shaoxing rice wine.

Which produced this...

Carved thinly

And presented with the sauce

A seriously nice dish....moist fall apart pork with a lovely...errr..Chinese tasting sauce! Despite the fat Lou and the rest gobbled it up.

And so a beer to celebrate

I also cooked these...which is possibly my favourite chinese dish. fish Fragrant Aubergines from the awesome Fuchsia Dunlop's Szechuan cook book. A heady mix of chilli bean paste (Douban jiang), sugar, garlic, soy, shaoxing rice wine and so on. Doesn't taste fishy - but in my mind tastes amazing. It's very good with pork also

I also cooked a crispy Szechuan beef. Another stonking success. Crispy fried battered beef and carrots with a final sauce of sugar and black rice vinegar. Lovely.

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