Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spanish Bubble and Squeak

I had a few things left over in the fridge, and the Food Of Spain has something similar, so I made something up.

With a set of left overs like this, it'd be hard to go wrong eh!

So I ended up baking it with a decent amount of cheese and a couple of eggs on top. It was excellent.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Macha Jhol - Wet Fish Curry

I'd watched Rick Stein cook this on his excellent Far Eastern Odyssey series, and I'd been itching to cook it. I'd liked the series because I thought he chose some quite interesting dishes - this one included, as it had a strange combination of fish, aubergine and lentils.

The Panch phoran spice mixture. Kept whole in this dish.

The cod got a dusting of turmeric and then a browning fry did the pots

This is what I really liked - adding the lentils to the spice mix for a fry

And low the finished dish. It was lovely. As the man said, it was quite wet, as in a lot of liquid, and at first it didn't have the punch of a normal gravy style curry. However, the individual spices worked well, and gave little flavor burst - and I ended up loving it.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Chicken Wrapped in Aubergine

We've just booked a holiday to Kalkan in Turkey. Can't wait..

I've also been getting increasingly interested in Turkish food (I've been following these guys for a while - awesome photos and foodie chat)

And finally, I'd been eyeing this one for ages in a simple yet excellent cookbook I have.....and so with a spare evening it was an easy choice

We had some spare Mozzarella (always a good thing) so found an interesting recipe from Food of Italy (the meal turned into a med mix-up)

Chicken was marinaded in some simple spices (fresh All Spice if I remember)

The base for the pasta and cheese dish

melt the mozzarella at the last minute

The chicken is wrapped in strips of fried aubergine, sprinkled with toasted nuts and then baked.