Monday, 9 January 2012

Pot Roasted Lamb

Just a little midweek experiment.

Never quite understood how or why you would pot roast something.....I do now !

Made up a little ragu style sauce - plumped the lamb on top and off she went

Moist juicy and pink !

Simple pots and veg. Lovely

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Beef, lager and Shiitake Pie

My brother got me and Lou this excellent book for Christmas. I'd not seen it before - always a pleasure to get a great cookbook that is a surprise. And I predict many post from this space.

Anyway, I'd woken up with a kinda fusion head on - and wasn't sure what I'd actually cook. I happened upon this original sounding recipe - and away we went..

A lovely mix of the old and the east

A superb enamel pie dish came with the book - thanks Russ

And after a long braise - a sweet, deeply flavored base for the pie. Lots of beef, mushroomy flavors and overtones of Chinese with the star anise, cinnamon and orange juice

Say no more

Bok Choi and Sweet Potatoes finished it nicely