Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ottolenghi veg feast

We had my wife's cousin over for lunch, and that gave us the perfect opportunity to go veggie.
Tom Ottolenghi's book - Plenty - was the inspiration, and it is BRILLIANT. Great fun preparing (and eating)


Potato vindaloo

Homemade yogurt on the aubergines

Lentils with blue cheese

Braised Fennel

Thursday, 6 March 2014


So I discovered through the excellent Charcuterie cookbook, the existence of the Bradley smokers - and a quick web search revealed they had a small 'desktop' version. Oh baby - you are mine...

I'd been making Salt Beef recently, and so naturally Pastrami was my first experiment....

A long slow brine (you can't rush a thing of beauty)

Boys toys + cooking....perfect.

A remote smoker thermometer, an lazer gun thermometer, a highly spiced slab of brined brisket (oh - and some pork belly Jerk as there was room in the smoker)

Set it up in the garage - because, as others have discovered - it ain't leakproof from a smoke perspective...

Not quite there yet....

Oh yes - now she is....

And to finished with the excellent pickles from the Pit Cue BBQ book, some Rye bread and some American cheese (I think we actually used Edam!). It was epic !