Sunday, 25 May 2014


Back in 2004 I visited at new restaurant in Soho called Abeno. It was Japanese pancakes, and I remember being slightly underwhelmed at the experience - possibly because I really had no idea what to expect and thus no real appreciation of what to order and what I was eating.

However, many meals later and I'd been reading about Japanese food a lot more, and was thus very pleased to find this excellent cookbook on Japanese Soul cooking. It's like a book on the 'pub grub of japan'. So anyway - they had a whole chapter dedicated to Okonomiyaki, which bought back memories of that meal, so it was time to give it a go..

The first surprise was that basically they are a pancake of cabbage

I've now also discovered the Bull-dog brand (the Heinz of Japan), and also - just shown - quite simple the best mayo in the world - Kewpie....look it up and you wont be disappointed.

This also gave me the opportunity to get out my grill top frying plate....

See - cabbage pancakes...

With the genius idea of frying bacon underneath it

and then topped off with the Bulldog, Kewpie and some fish flakes (see above)

If I'm honest, it looks a lot better than it tasted. I think the main issue was the size and amount of the cabbage. Less next time, and smaller chunks - because I can definitely see how this will be a winner 'done right'

Monday, 12 May 2014

Duck and Green Mango Salad

We were lucky enough to have an extended break to Oz over Xmas. And whilst we were there my Auntie bought me a great cookbook from the 'cool' Sydney restaurant - the Three Blue Ducks.

I've also just discovered - which is one of the best websites I can think of...well if you like cook books and can be bothered to type all yours in (which I could). So this recipe was 'discovered' via a quick search at 5:15pm on the way out of the office - and there it was waiting for me at home on the bookshelf. I love it !!

Anyway - what meal is not going to be superb with these ingredients

A fast fry of the highly seasoned duck breast and into the oven after coating with Chili Jam

For me - these were the star of the show. Deep fried shallots - smokey and chewy.

And there she blows....great fresh flavors and textures

Thanks Auntie Chris xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Chicken Braised with Green Peppers

An interesting one this from my new book. I love cooking the stuff that is not so obvious.

It's basically a light chicken stew, but Asian style

Never quite sure if this marinade is worth it...

A great dish though...interesting layers of flavour