Monday, 12 May 2014

Duck and Green Mango Salad

We were lucky enough to have an extended break to Oz over Xmas. And whilst we were there my Auntie bought me a great cookbook from the 'cool' Sydney restaurant - the Three Blue Ducks.

I've also just discovered - which is one of the best websites I can think of...well if you like cook books and can be bothered to type all yours in (which I could). So this recipe was 'discovered' via a quick search at 5:15pm on the way out of the office - and there it was waiting for me at home on the bookshelf. I love it !!

Anyway - what meal is not going to be superb with these ingredients

A fast fry of the highly seasoned duck breast and into the oven after coating with Chili Jam

For me - these were the star of the show. Deep fried shallots - smokey and chewy.

And there she blows....great fresh flavors and textures

Thanks Auntie Chris xxxxxxxxxxx

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