Sunday, 25 May 2014


Back in 2004 I visited at new restaurant in Soho called Abeno. It was Japanese pancakes, and I remember being slightly underwhelmed at the experience - possibly because I really had no idea what to expect and thus no real appreciation of what to order and what I was eating.

However, many meals later and I'd been reading about Japanese food a lot more, and was thus very pleased to find this excellent cookbook on Japanese Soul cooking. It's like a book on the 'pub grub of japan'. So anyway - they had a whole chapter dedicated to Okonomiyaki, which bought back memories of that meal, so it was time to give it a go..

The first surprise was that basically they are a pancake of cabbage

I've now also discovered the Bull-dog brand (the Heinz of Japan), and also - just shown - quite simple the best mayo in the world - Kewpie....look it up and you wont be disappointed.

This also gave me the opportunity to get out my grill top frying plate....

See - cabbage pancakes...

With the genius idea of frying bacon underneath it

and then topped off with the Bulldog, Kewpie and some fish flakes (see above)

If I'm honest, it looks a lot better than it tasted. I think the main issue was the size and amount of the cabbage. Less next time, and smaller chunks - because I can definitely see how this will be a winner 'done right'

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