Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fish with Tamarind

Having moved recently I am well chuffed that one of the local Indians - the Spice Merchant in Henley is absolutely superb.It's quite pricey but definitely worth it. We have found a new dish there - that they call Rampar ka Kurma, which is fantastic - a deep sweet & smooth korma, but with a real tart overtone.

So, imagine my surprise (and delight) when we I decided to cook from the Food of India this dish called Fish With Tamarind - and low and behold it was almost exactly the same basic flavor as the Rampar Kurma. Not surprising I suppose - given the core ingredients of cream and tamarind - but a result none-the-less.

Some fish !

Plenty of black mustard seeds

We added a couple of cooked eggs

And there it was....almost the same basic taste and color. I shall experiment with chicken and will be a happy man

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cumin steamed lamb

We had some (new) friends round for dinner a few weeks ago. We decided to cook some Moroccan and I saw this interesting dish which involved steaming a shoulder of lamb for several hours.

Interesting I thought - but not as interesting as trying to explain to our new friends why I was taking photos of the food as it was coming off the pass.....Well - here it is - a few weeks late. I am this sad !

And so it starts with a basic steaming parcel

And a decent amount of cumin rub

followed by two hours in there

..and it ended up like this.... fantastically juicy and falling off the bone

The recipe called for browning after steaming - and so that's what we did

Served with a lovely fresh onion and lemon salad

And a dish of chicken and chick peas