Monday, 29 June 2009

Broccoli with Nuts!

This was an attempt at a light dish - as it's soo hot at the moment.

Had a quick look through Marcus Waering's How to Cook the Perfect. An interesting idea for a cook book - as the basic receipe is given - but then he gives loads of (well illustrated) tips for making the particular receipe 'sing'. That said - writing this a few days later I can't remember what they were for this receipe. Maybe that's 'cos Lou bought and cooked most of it!

The star of the show...

Nuts! The roasted cashews were superb in this... was hot...and Broccoli and Lamb sounded nice...

Lou in action

Oh yes !

Need to get the camera 100% above the dish for the perspective....A lovely quick summer meal...Thanks Lou xx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Ants Climbing Trees

What a great name !

This is a staple Sichuan recipe. It was one of the first I cooked from the Food of China cook book (easily my most bashed up cookbook!). I chose it then for the name...but my current obsession with Sichuan led me here again. I checked for the recipe in the Fuschia Dunlop book - and yep it's there...but I decided to stick with the FoC recipe for nostalgic reasons (god I'm sad!). (They weren't too different anyway)

So...a few picks...

Hello Boys !

Just as I suspected...Bead Thread Noodles are also Vermicelli....

I decided to use up some whole bamboo shoot. Buying it this way is far far better than tinned slices

And here it is. It's called Ants Climbing Trees cause when you pick up the noodles in your chop sticks, the little bits of pork are supposed to look like ant's climing trees !

This was sweet and sour bamboo shoots. The sourness was from Black Rice Vinegar, and the sweetness from bags of sugar. The original recipe was with chinese lettuce. Should have sticked with that - and left the bamboo shoots for a stir fry!

Can you see 'em climbing ?

Friday, 26 June 2009

BBQ Pork with Shallots and Beans

just a quick BBQ meal one evening. This was inspired by a photo from Pork and Sons - I remember a beautiful pork chop smothered in crispy shallots.

This wasn't a bad attempt. The pork stayed very moist on the BBQ.