Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rebung Lemak

I watched an episode of Anthony Boudain in Malaysia. Having spent about a month working in KL once and loving every minute of it, it seemed like time to dust of the Malaysian cookbook and have a go.

I chose this one from an excellent Nonya cookbook that I picked up whilst I was there. Malaysian cuisine is a superb mix of Indian, Chinese and the more traditional Nonyan style - Asian fusion no less.

Most of the dishes require a Rempah - which is basically a spice paste. This one was made with amounst other things nuts and fish paste

....as well as chilies and coriander...

I love these whole bamboo shoots. Unfortunatley not fresh but tinned....

And the finished dish. Lovely

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pig Cheeks with Broad Beans and Chorizo

Not sure where this one came from. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to cook something different - or at least something slow and long - with a cheap cut of meat.

I popped into the local butchers - not expecting him to have pigs cheek, but he did. Excellent. Not particularly cheap (£5 for this lot) - but certainly interesting

As you can see - they do look 'cheeky' in a slightly disturbing way.

You'll also notice they have a sort of glaze to them, almost gelatinous - which actually does come through in the cooking and final taste/texture. I had a trawl through the cookbooks and tinterweb and seemed the way to cook them was via a braise of some form. I settled on a Mark Hix recipe from a website that was slightly more interesting than most

....and included frying some sliced chorizo!

After the final braise and with the addition of some broadbeans.

A lovely old Spanish meal. I thought the cheeks were lovely. A sweet, almost sticky, jelly like texture. Lou wasn't so sure which meant more for me :o)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day 2011

I was very excited about the prospect of pancakes with Thomas. Turns out at 15 months you are not so excited yourself - couldn't get him to eat any.

Oh well - more for me and Lou

The whole point of pancake day !

And a perfectly caught pose !

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lamb noodles with black beans

A quick and easy one with store cupboard ingredients (and a quick trip to the greengrocers and butchers!)

Will always taste good when you start with this lot...

Fermented black-beans - soaked and chopped

Quick stir fry of the veg

Added the lamb back in - that I'd already crisped up

Added some fresh noodles

Couldn't decide on which photo I liked best (sorry)