Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beef Strogonoff

Any meal that starts with this set of ingredients has to be good doesn't it ?

Giving the beef a good whack..

And a liberal season with the mustard and paprika

Nice start...

Trying to keep the beef tender....

And then mixed

before adding the lemon and cream.

Man this was good......

Friday, 13 September 2013

Peppered Cod with Balsamic Teriyaki and Vinegared Veg

Following on from my previous Masterchef evening success  I decide to go the whole hog and cook a Nobu meal. If you've got the book you'll understand. it's lovely, and actually the recipes are reasonably simple - but it takes a bit of sourcing for the decent set of ingredients you really need to do his cuisine justice.

Anyway - this one wasn't so complex...

I also decide to try some quick pickled veg. Essentially a stir fry with the additional of some Rice Vinegar at the end to absorb into the veg. It was mostly made up - and very very nice.

So the Teriyaki was bolstered by some heavily reduced balsamic. Everyone should make their own Teriyaki - its dead easy and this version was sublime with the cod.

Plenty of pepper - the dish could take it

A picture.......

And served with the pickled veg. A great meal.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Roast Partridge for One

My wife was away for the week, and I'd decided I didn't do enough 'Masterchef' dishes (i.e. a bit more complex and presentation based).

So a trip to the local butchers - and I was back with a local partridge (living in the Chilterns - there's a few of 'em about !)

A quick brown off - before a blast in the oven.

Greens and bacon to make the perfect bed

Cumin cauliflower - with a last minute addition of butter...

And there she blows. Fantastic. I was lucky to have some lamb gravy left over from the weekend, which was enlivened with some white wine.

Any good Greg ?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sloooow cooked Shoulder of Lamb

It started to get a bit autumnal...a perfect excuse for a long slow cook of a cut of cheap meat. Well - maybe not that cheap....

Anything cooked over a bed of this is gonna taste better - right ?

the obligatory stuffing of garlic and rosemary

After 4 hours.....

I think they call this - falling of the bone....