Thursday, 27 December 2012

A big rib of beef

Walking around Tesco's between Xmas and New Year and stumbled across this.

They had a half price deal on ribs of beef - this little (well massive) baby was only £7.

Lou was out - so there was no question - this would become my tea.

I decide to grill then finish in the oven it was that big

And - it was perfect. Just goes to show if the steak is thick enough and it's cooked well - then even Tesco's half price steak can come out tops....

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas Goose

We had a reasonably small gathering at Xmas, and I'd always wanted to do a goose.

A few weeks before I'd watched Raymond Blanc doing a goose on TV, so a quick iPlayer hunt and we were off

The idea is to cook the legs confit style, and roast the breasts on top. So to start we browned off the wings and various root vegetables

And gave the legs about 45 minutes

This then formed the base to roast the crown, with the idea being the legs cook slowly in the confit/jus

Amazing how little a £70 goose breaks down into !!

But not a bad result......

Plenty of nice pink meat (the legs were a bit tough unfortunately)

Fill ya boots

The best sort of roast - clean - simple and precise