Sunday, 28 February 2010

Pan Fried Lemon Sole with Samphire

Despite being a foodie I'm not really into my fish...with is annoying given I live 10 minutes away from Steve Hatt - probably the best fish monger in the country!

Once a year I trundle down there....panic about what to buy....spend a fortune, and then proceed to screw up the cooking of whatever it was I ended up with.

I thought today was no exception as I was half way through trying to get the skin off the damn soles. Why didn't I get them to do it - I always think "it can't be that difficult"!

Anyway - 20 minutes of pulling, shouting and general mullering of the fish, and I'd got most of the skin off.....but even now my fingers stink! What is it about fish! Give me a steak any day!

Anyway....I'll stop moaning - it actually turned out quite nice!

Skin on !?!

The samphire was delicious....just a quick 2 minutes in boiling water - no salt needed!

Everything tastes good fried in butter

With more butter on top (lemon and parsley too)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Roast Rib Of Beef

This one's for Andy....

£37 !

Nicely aged

Fresh Horseradish.....looking arty ?!?

1 hour 30 in the oven (20 mins blast and the rest at low heat)

Total result. How happy was I !

The perfect Sunday afternoon....

These babies rivalled Auntie Shirley's !

Monday, 8 February 2010

Cinesine Pasta with Italian Sausage

In celebration of our recently booked holiday to a friends awesome villa in Puglia, I decided a little Italian was in order to get myself in the mood.

There's a fantastic Italian deli round the corner from me - that I tend not to use as it seems was over priced. However - I was out for a walk with Thomas - and in such a good mood I decide to patronage it.

There was no plan - but there were some lovely looking Herb based sausages and I found a bag of 'very small pasta' - Cinesine apparently. I have plans for these stuff now - I think a baked dish will be great with these bad boys!

Made it up....

See - they are small

The sausage was a you can see from the fry - it was bright pink with a fantastic flavour. It really made the sauce - although next time a little less salt as the sausage was quite salty

Made a fresh tomato sauce and added the fried sausage

The finished dish. It was lovely.