Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lentil Curry with Cod

A simple but very very nice dish

Decided on an arty shot of ingredients - no idea why I put them on the floor though !

Cooked down the red lentils

Made a takka

And the final assembled dish...lovely..

Didn't manage to keep the cod in one piece though

Bahn Mi

There's been a renascence of Street Food in London over the last few years - a lot of it is very very good, and many Vietnamese vendors sell Bahn Mi. Bahn Mi is probably the original Asian Western fusion dish. The French introduced the Baguette to the Viet and they filled it with BBQ pork and fresh Asian flavors....and if you've never had one - you ain't lived....

This was my interpretation.

I bought a pack of very cheap pork loin chops - and bashed them till they were a few mm thick...

And then marinaded them in cock (chuckle...)

The interesting thing about Bahn Mi is the rest of the fillings. It's essential to have a layer of pate, some pickle veg and some fresh cucumber and coriander. I als created a home made Hoisin sauce (very nice) and added a little chilli sauce also.

Flash BBQ the thin strips of Pork. it was amazing - I had to try hard not to eat it all before the main event.

And there she was fantastic. Amazing flavors and textures. I had three !

Quite a faff for a sandwich - but absolutely worth it....

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Home Made Bacon & Bread

I'd been thinking about making bacon for some time, and my new Charcuterie recipe book prompted a visit to (or whatever) for some essential ingredients.

The main curing agent is known as Prague Powder #2 or Pink Salt, which is basically 6.75% Sodium Nitrite, 4.00% Sodium Nitrate and 89.25% er...salt! It seems even Wiki can't tell me where the name came from.

Anyway - a liberal covering of Pink Salt, More Salt and Sugar and into the fridge for two weeks.

At this point (after two weeks) I have to say I was suspicious. It was looking a tad yellow (i.e. off!)

And then something I never realized. You need to slow cook the bacon (to an internal of about 90c). Is all Bacon 'pre-cooked'.....I'd just assumed it was cured.....

Any how - it worked. Just look at this beauties ! Perfect streaky.

Which was slowly grilled.

And I'd also been busy making a Bloomer - from the excellent Paul Hollywood Bread book.

And there it is. I thought I'd overcooked the bacon, and it was a little crispy - but it was also fantastic tasting. Next time I'll be trying some additional seasoning in the cure for a twist of flavor....

Monday, 24 June 2013

Proper Pork Chops

My new favorite cookbook is from the uber cool Pit Cue restaurant in soho.  A great book for really understanding what real BBQ is all about (i.e. not grilling, but low and slow over hardwood). Oh and it starts with about 16 pages of cocktail recipes - so all good !

Anyway - there was this great looking recipe for grilled (not BBQ'd) pork  ribs - with the prime ingredient being some super thick, fat laden chops. And so a visit to the local butchers a I ended up with these beauties. Check out that layer of fat.

A slow grill......

These were so good....I'm saying they were almost steak like in terms of depth of flavor. Fantastic.

The recipe in the book has them served pre-cut into slivers. Why not....

And served with my own made up sweet potato and white bean 'salad'.

Not bad for a Monday night

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Smoked Pork Shoulder with Homemade Chipolte Sauce

A one man BBQ sized piece of pork shouder

Decided to use the trusty gas BBQ on indirect

Not at all bad - was very happy with that........

Lovely and juice with a great smoke ring

perfect - not quite 'pulled' but lovely all the same - especially served up with the home made Chipolte sauce

Friday, 21 June 2013

Mark's Cuzza

A colleague at work persuaded me to sponsor him one day by offering up a jar of his homemade curry paste. I'm not sure he expected me to take him up on the offer - but never one to turn down a good cuzza, I continued to badger him until (almost a year later) it turned up....

First impressions were very good.....I decided to fry it off a little to get the flavors going.

Decided it would be a Beef and Potato version - so bought some Pink (!) beef...

After about an hour of simmering in more than a little coconut milk...

Mark - it was fantastic. Pretty spicy and most definitely full of flavor. Top drawer. I might even sponsor you next year....