Saturday, 24 April 2010

BBQ Leg of Lamb

Very simply one of the nicest roasts I've ever cooked!

A simple preparation

After about 40 mins

Perfect (still pink inside) and incredibly moist due to the smoke and rotation

Some great roasties and simple veg

And Lou made a superb Oat based crumble...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tuscan Hunters Stew

The place we stayed in Puglia had a selection of cookbooks including Jamie's Italy. I don't have this one - so I settled down for an enjoyable browse. This recipe jumped out a mile, and I had to try it....especially as the weather was quite inclement and a stew seemed to be appropriate.

Dried broad beans are massive in Puglia....soaked and mashed to make Fava

The stew is a long braise of beef shin. I had great fun in the butchers pointing at various bits of my body! We got there though!

It's made 'spicy' by the addition of a bucket load of freshly ground pepper. it really did add a kick to the final dish


Decided to do some Polenta. never done it before. Not sure I got it really....bit like wallpaper paste...but I think I may have missed the point ?

After 8 hours of cooking !

The stew was fabulous....deep flavours and melting meat...with a rich spicy sauce. Serving Polenta and Fava was not the best plate construction....three sloppy dishes...but it was nice, and absolutely stonking cold for lunch a few days later

Monday, 12 April 2010

Wood fired Pizza

Brilliant. Whilst on holiday the place we stayed had a real pizza oven. The only question was when!

Cathy and Keith came round to guide us through the process. At Cathy's instruction she told us that the first pizza had to be just olive oil, rosemary and salt. I was not impressed as I was already planning a meat feast......However.... cooked in about 3 minutes and was seriously once of the nicest things I've eaten!

And then the fun begins

It's a lot harder than it looks

Nothing like an outside kitchen

This was mine...Maybe a bit overloaded

Wild asparagus picked from the garden

One of the classics....Anchovies and Capers (not really a fan)

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I like the idea of baked pasta, and this recipe I took with me on holiday from the always excellent Food of Italy. It's basically a Lasagne - but with chicken, mushrooms and Italian sausage. It was as nice as it sounds!

Fried down the chicken and sausage

Dried and fresh mushrooms

Before topping & baking

And after

Served with some local greens. It was excellent - and even better a few days later :o)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Veal Steak with Fresh Peas and Broad Beans

Took the opportunity when in Italy to cook some veal.
However - I think I might have asked for the steak to be cut a bit too think!

Happiness is shelling peas and drinking beer!

Cooked in a light broth

Just OK really!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Cornish Pasties

This is a post from an old set of photos that I just found. So not much commentary as I can only just remember making them!

A decent set of rustic ingredients started it off...

Diced up the meat

And added the pots and swede - looking good

Not too much in each

Ginsters would be proud

And served with baked beans. Perfect with a pastie. I do remember them being a bit cavernous - the pastry was stiff and there was a lot of air in them.... hmmmm