Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tuscan Hunters Stew

The place we stayed in Puglia had a selection of cookbooks including Jamie's Italy. I don't have this one - so I settled down for an enjoyable browse. This recipe jumped out a mile, and I had to try it....especially as the weather was quite inclement and a stew seemed to be appropriate.

Dried broad beans are massive in Puglia....soaked and mashed to make Fava

The stew is a long braise of beef shin. I had great fun in the butchers pointing at various bits of my body! We got there though!

It's made 'spicy' by the addition of a bucket load of freshly ground pepper. it really did add a kick to the final dish


Decided to do some Polenta. never done it before. Not sure I got it really....bit like wallpaper paste...but I think I may have missed the point ?

After 8 hours of cooking !

The stew was fabulous....deep flavours and melting meat...with a rich spicy sauce. Serving Polenta and Fava was not the best plate construction....three sloppy dishes...but it was nice, and absolutely stonking cold for lunch a few days later

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