Thursday, 27 December 2012

A big rib of beef

Walking around Tesco's between Xmas and New Year and stumbled across this.

They had a half price deal on ribs of beef - this little (well massive) baby was only £7.

Lou was out - so there was no question - this would become my tea.

I decide to grill then finish in the oven it was that big

And - it was perfect. Just goes to show if the steak is thick enough and it's cooked well - then even Tesco's half price steak can come out tops....

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas Goose

We had a reasonably small gathering at Xmas, and I'd always wanted to do a goose.

A few weeks before I'd watched Raymond Blanc doing a goose on TV, so a quick iPlayer hunt and we were off

The idea is to cook the legs confit style, and roast the breasts on top. So to start we browned off the wings and various root vegetables

And gave the legs about 45 minutes

This then formed the base to roast the crown, with the idea being the legs cook slowly in the confit/jus

Amazing how little a £70 goose breaks down into !!

But not a bad result......

Plenty of nice pink meat (the legs were a bit tough unfortunately)

Fill ya boots

The best sort of roast - clean - simple and precise

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pork with Three Mustards

See..title was right...

A lovely store cupboard treat

Enriched with a great dollop of creme fraisch

Lovely Jubbly

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Masalla Lamb

Blimey - long time no post. Long time no cook in fact. We are in the middle of a major kitchen refurb at the moment - so not only am I not cooking, I'm also not keeping up on photo filing and all sorts :o(

Anyway - managed to find some time to go through my 'pending' folder - and found this set that hadn't been posted.

Don't remember too much about the meal, aside from it being rather nice.

I tried this Swedish style of making baked potatoes. Lots of long thin slices before baking...

Now that's a decent saucepan of meat

You gotta love lamb

A rather splendid meal after all that. Italy and Sweden - fusion?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spag Bog with freshly baked toms

Rather nice this. Created a Spag Bog from the freshest ingredients

Lovely browned mushrooms to start

Always nicely brown your meat - I think it gives a deeper flavour

When you go to the effort of roasting a punnet of toms - you know it's gonna be good

The only way to eat Spag Bog - 10 times more bog than spag :o)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Smoked Duck Salad and Soup

We moved over a year ago, and to my shame I hadn't used my smoker at the new place. It turned out to be a fantastic weekend of weather - and so off we went

Got up at 8am to kick start it off

Looks quite sad doesn't it !

All kitted up and ready to go

Looking good after about 3 hours

Looking very good in-fact, after 10 minutes in a blazing oven to crisp the skin

A so a nice Thai smoked duck salad....that somehow missed the mark...:o(

However - all was not lost. A duck stock was salvaged

And a few days later....

Duck and Corn soup.

Bloody lovely.....

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Slow cooked Pork Chilli

I'm sooo behind on my updates. Oh well...

The one benefit of that is that it does mean I can relive the meal when I finally get around to looking at the pickies.....and boy was this a good memory.

I'd decided I needed to slow cook some pork - having been watching Diners Drive-Ins and Dives on the TV...where slow cooked American BBQ seems to be a favorite.

I decided to cook a chili - but mixed it up a bit by cooking the sauce first...

And simultaneously cooking the pork shoulder.....ooh this was good

Proper fall off the bone stuff....

And it made a seriously good chilli after a bit of infusing

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Steak with Bearnaise

Dad taught me bearnaise sauce when I was just getting interested in cooking. I remember it well and over the years it's kept me in good sted

Not sure where the idea came from - but all of a sudden I needed to do it again. And I was very happy to remember the recipe from memory

Sweated some shallots and tarragon in wine vinegar until the vinegar has alomst gone

And whisk in loads of butter and egg yolks....perfect

Forgot to take a picture with the sauce on the plate. Doh !

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Awesome Ketchup

We decided to cook some homemade burgers. Mainly because we've just discovered the delights of Stokes Real Tomato Ketchup.

We had it a local pub (who cheekily implied it was their own) - but I then discovered you could get it from Waitrose..

It's fantastic - deep tomato flavor with the correct amount of sweetness and vinegar. I've tried my own tomato ketchup before and I'm sure I will do again.....but this will be hard to beat !

Tried to make them 'sliders'....

Ready and waiting for a large dollop of Stokes