Monday, 27 July 2009

Sag Chicken

After a fantastic weekend in Exmoor (Badger Watching)- a quick curry from the fantastic Food of India. It was needed after a weekend of (great) pub food.

Always always roast the cumin / corriander

Lots of yoghurt for me please...

The finished arcticle. Very good indeed.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Tokyo Style Ramen Noodles

Been reading Michael Booth's Sushi and Beyond, and as well as making me almost jump on a plane to Japan today - I also decide to brush off my Japanese cook books. Having spent the week in Paris working (tough life eh - see for all the gory details), we decided it would be reasonably 'lite'. Noodle soup it was then. Since we were in town shopping for baby stuff (!) - I managed to get a quick trip to the Japan Centre on Picadilly.

Bought some 'proper' Ramen Noodles and a Random Seaweed. I know they were 'proper' because I couldn't read a thing on the label :o)

I have had Japanese Food and Cooking for a few years now. There are some great (non-sushi) recipes in there. After reading Michael Booths book - I think I'm going to dive deeper - wait and see....

Weird stuff this type of seaweed. Started off very small - but absorbed a hell of a lot of water during the soaking phase

Had ot make Cha-Sui Pork. Didn;t have any pork belly - so ended up bashing a couple of steaks and tying them in a roll. Worked well. Not so sure about the effort to cook the pork seperately - tasted like pork!

Sauce was nice though (not sure you were supposed to eat it...I did!)

Always nice to have a cheeky Sake whilst you are cooking

The finished Cha-Sui

And the finished Soup. Absolutely lovely....(if maybe a bit overpowered by the seaweed)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Smoked Brisket with home made slaw and beans

I haven't used the smoker all season and was itching to.

Being non-American - the hardwood comes from a bag!

I saw a bit of rolled brisket in Tesco's. About 300% smaller than you should really cook on the smoker - but never mind...

These weber charcoal starters are the total business!

Coals in place, and water tray filled. All ready for a slow 3 hour cook.....

The 'slaw I adapted from a wonderful cookbook called Home, which is the cookbook from the restaurant of the same name in NYC. It specialises in home cooked American food - and jolly good it was too. I found out about it on the awesome Foods Of New York walking tour - which I've done about 5 times ! (Managed to get the cook book hidden on the bill - so expensed it....I should be a politician!)

Made up a baked bean recipe...

Started with bacon, onion and green pepper

Reduced some fresh toms

Sieved for more refinement !

After 3.5 hours in the smoker....Note the purple smoke tinge

Still nice and juicy and very smokey

All together now...

Monday, 6 July 2009

Peng's Home-Style Bean Curd (Peng Jia Dou Fu) with Cabbage Rolls with Mustard

So this was another one from Fuschia Dunlop. This time it's the Hunan cookbook called Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook. Another awesome book - a lovely mix of (great) authentic recipes and background info on life and culture in a specific part of China.

Lou gets in on the act.

I also cooked from the Food of China (see ther blogs). Decided on a simple dish - steamed Chinese cabbage with mustard. It amused me that I was using the quintessentially English ingrediant in a Chinese recipe.

A mustard mix (with Rice wine and sesame oil) is applied to blanched cabbage leaves.....

And rolled...

And steamed

And finished.
Absolutely fabulous. Lovely mustard with a strong cabbage flavour. A dish to go with a western option (i.e. lamb steak!)

The tofu had to be fried. Missed this (!) when I was quickly deciding what to cook. Lou was not pleased!

Could not believe how much this 'looked' like the photo in the book. Tasted pretty good also

And together....

Nice roll!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Steak for lunch !

When it's cold a wet and dark during an English winter, and I'm sat in some boring office somewhere, I often think of summer, and having the opportunity, whilst working from home - of taking break and having a 'Nice Lunch'.

However, so often it never happens, and I end up just working through and not taking advantage. Not the other day though. Quick run up the road to the local Sainsbury's local - and a steak sarnie in the garden.

Every now and then, when I'm griling steak, I'll use this Montreal Steak Seasoning. I picked it up in the states once when I was working there - and it's fantastic. Something about the blend makes the steak so juicy. Get some and give it a try.

Yum yum. Note the chunky crystals from the blend....

Secret to a good steak sarnie - slice the steak thin. This way it doesn't all pull out when you take a big mouth full!

Still can't work out why Picasa seems to dull the photo colour ?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

BBQ Sausage Onions and Mash

The BBQ is getting a bashing this year (so far!)

I really like the idea of keeping the onions whole whilst BBQ'ing. Not always easy.

Still whole....

Yes - did it! Bit of mash and the weird looking blob in the foreground is a spoon of my homemade mushroon ketchup. About a year old now - so maturing nicely!