Thursday, 2 July 2009

Steak for lunch !

When it's cold a wet and dark during an English winter, and I'm sat in some boring office somewhere, I often think of summer, and having the opportunity, whilst working from home - of taking break and having a 'Nice Lunch'.

However, so often it never happens, and I end up just working through and not taking advantage. Not the other day though. Quick run up the road to the local Sainsbury's local - and a steak sarnie in the garden.

Every now and then, when I'm griling steak, I'll use this Montreal Steak Seasoning. I picked it up in the states once when I was working there - and it's fantastic. Something about the blend makes the steak so juicy. Get some and give it a try.

Yum yum. Note the chunky crystals from the blend....

Secret to a good steak sarnie - slice the steak thin. This way it doesn't all pull out when you take a big mouth full!

Still can't work out why Picasa seems to dull the photo colour ?

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