Monday, 13 July 2009

Smoked Brisket with home made slaw and beans

I haven't used the smoker all season and was itching to.

Being non-American - the hardwood comes from a bag!

I saw a bit of rolled brisket in Tesco's. About 300% smaller than you should really cook on the smoker - but never mind...

These weber charcoal starters are the total business!

Coals in place, and water tray filled. All ready for a slow 3 hour cook.....

The 'slaw I adapted from a wonderful cookbook called Home, which is the cookbook from the restaurant of the same name in NYC. It specialises in home cooked American food - and jolly good it was too. I found out about it on the awesome Foods Of New York walking tour - which I've done about 5 times ! (Managed to get the cook book hidden on the bill - so expensed it....I should be a politician!)

Made up a baked bean recipe...

Started with bacon, onion and green pepper

Reduced some fresh toms

Sieved for more refinement !

After 3.5 hours in the smoker....Note the purple smoke tinge

Still nice and juicy and very smokey

All together now...

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