Saturday, 29 June 2013

Home Made Bacon & Bread

I'd been thinking about making bacon for some time, and my new Charcuterie recipe book prompted a visit to (or whatever) for some essential ingredients.

The main curing agent is known as Prague Powder #2 or Pink Salt, which is basically 6.75% Sodium Nitrite, 4.00% Sodium Nitrate and 89.25% er...salt! It seems even Wiki can't tell me where the name came from.

Anyway - a liberal covering of Pink Salt, More Salt and Sugar and into the fridge for two weeks.

At this point (after two weeks) I have to say I was suspicious. It was looking a tad yellow (i.e. off!)

And then something I never realized. You need to slow cook the bacon (to an internal of about 90c). Is all Bacon 'pre-cooked'.....I'd just assumed it was cured.....

Any how - it worked. Just look at this beauties ! Perfect streaky.

Which was slowly grilled.

And I'd also been busy making a Bloomer - from the excellent Paul Hollywood Bread book.

And there it is. I thought I'd overcooked the bacon, and it was a little crispy - but it was also fantastic tasting. Next time I'll be trying some additional seasoning in the cure for a twist of flavor....

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