Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bahn Mi

There's been a renascence of Street Food in London over the last few years - a lot of it is very very good, and many Vietnamese vendors sell Bahn Mi. Bahn Mi is probably the original Asian Western fusion dish. The French introduced the Baguette to the Viet and they filled it with BBQ pork and fresh Asian flavors....and if you've never had one - you ain't lived....

This was my interpretation.

I bought a pack of very cheap pork loin chops - and bashed them till they were a few mm thick...

And then marinaded them in cock (chuckle...)

The interesting thing about Bahn Mi is the rest of the fillings. It's essential to have a layer of pate, some pickle veg and some fresh cucumber and coriander. I als created a home made Hoisin sauce (very nice) and added a little chilli sauce also.

Flash BBQ the thin strips of Pork. it was amazing - I had to try hard not to eat it all before the main event.

And there she was fantastic. Amazing flavors and textures. I had three !

Quite a faff for a sandwich - but absolutely worth it....

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