Monday, 24 June 2013

Proper Pork Chops

My new favorite cookbook is from the uber cool Pit Cue restaurant in soho.  A great book for really understanding what real BBQ is all about (i.e. not grilling, but low and slow over hardwood). Oh and it starts with about 16 pages of cocktail recipes - so all good !

Anyway - there was this great looking recipe for grilled (not BBQ'd) pork  ribs - with the prime ingredient being some super thick, fat laden chops. And so a visit to the local butchers a I ended up with these beauties. Check out that layer of fat.

A slow grill......

These were so good....I'm saying they were almost steak like in terms of depth of flavor. Fantastic.

The recipe in the book has them served pre-cut into slivers. Why not....

And served with my own made up sweet potato and white bean 'salad'.

Not bad for a Monday night

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