Friday, 13 September 2013

Peppered Cod with Balsamic Teriyaki and Vinegared Veg

Following on from my previous Masterchef evening success  I decide to go the whole hog and cook a Nobu meal. If you've got the book you'll understand. it's lovely, and actually the recipes are reasonably simple - but it takes a bit of sourcing for the decent set of ingredients you really need to do his cuisine justice.

Anyway - this one wasn't so complex...

I also decide to try some quick pickled veg. Essentially a stir fry with the additional of some Rice Vinegar at the end to absorb into the veg. It was mostly made up - and very very nice.

So the Teriyaki was bolstered by some heavily reduced balsamic. Everyone should make their own Teriyaki - its dead easy and this version was sublime with the cod.

Plenty of pepper - the dish could take it

A picture.......

And served with the pickled veg. A great meal.

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