Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pig Cheeks with Broad Beans and Chorizo

Not sure where this one came from. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to cook something different - or at least something slow and long - with a cheap cut of meat.

I popped into the local butchers - not expecting him to have pigs cheek, but he did. Excellent. Not particularly cheap (£5 for this lot) - but certainly interesting

As you can see - they do look 'cheeky' in a slightly disturbing way.

You'll also notice they have a sort of glaze to them, almost gelatinous - which actually does come through in the cooking and final taste/texture. I had a trawl through the cookbooks and tinterweb and seemed the way to cook them was via a braise of some form. I settled on a Mark Hix recipe from a website that was slightly more interesting than most

....and included frying some sliced chorizo!

After the final braise and with the addition of some broadbeans.

A lovely old Spanish meal. I thought the cheeks were lovely. A sweet, almost sticky, jelly like texture. Lou wasn't so sure which meant more for me :o)

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