Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kerela Beef Fry

Being eyeing this one up for ages. It's from the awesome The Food of India - if you take a look at the other entries in this blog you'll see how much I adore this series of cook books.

Anyway - we'd got back from the NCT class (wait for the mashed banana recipes), and this looked like a quick one. As it turned out - it was quick - largely because it wasn't realy a curry - more a chinese/indian stir fry mix. So...out went cumin and corriander and in came lemon juice and soy. The result was genuinely lovely with an almost strange mid asian flavour.

A random set of ingrediant for 'indian'.....

Didn't have any potatoes - so decided on Aubergines instead. Worked really well.

The sauce was a combination of soy / chilli powder / lemon juice and tomatoe paste.

Well it is called beef fry

Frying the onions separately made them crispy and distinct in the final dish

The peas cooking in the reduced sauce.

Before adding the beef and potatoes (OK - aubergines)

Pungent & spicy - and the beef stayed lovely and tender

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