Friday, 14 August 2009

Jamie's Crispy & Sticky Chicken Thighs

We were up in Lou's folks lovely Norfolk cottage. As always, Jamie's cookbook - Jamie at Home - came with us. A great book that supported an awesome TV series. Simple homecooked food with the Jamie twist. Nice one boyo.

Anyway - we decided on this one, as we had had our eye on it for a few months, and it seemed appropriate for the late sumer tea.

I boned the chicken thighs and cut them into strips.

We found some yellow toms in the awesome Roy's of Roxham. I am SUCH a fan of this place - I really look forward to getting the supplies in when we go up to Norfolk. Yes - I know it's now owned by Nica - but serioulsy - they have a dedication to local produce that is not matched in London. It really is a village store dressed up as a small supermarket.

The secret to this dish is to fry the chicken strips before assembling, making sure the skin is nice and crispy. Even after an additional 40 mins in the oven the chicken was still moist.

The recipe calls for a oregano, oilve oil and red wine vinegar 'sauce'. Unfortunatley we could only get dried oregano and I think the result was poorer for it

The dish assembled before the cooking. Squash the pots with your thumb Jamie style!

And 40 mins later

Actually - we were slighly disappointed. It needed a bit of a boost - some garlic or chilli or something. Maybe with fresh oregano - but still not sure. However - managed to polish it off !

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