Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pork in Lychee sauce with crispy rice

Lou was off out for the weekend - and so I was left in charge of Thomas. Daddies first weekend babysitting. .And so naturally my thoughts turned to what culinary masterpiece I could cook up whilst the cat was away.

It has to be sichuan - and a good hunt through Fuchsia Dunlops awesome first book and I'd soon settled on this one. It seems a bit of a faff - but I had the time - so why not.

The idea is that you end up baking then deep frying cooked rice to get crispy rice-  which you then place in a bowl and pour over the rest of the dish....and it's supposed to crackle away giving pleasure to countless Chinese kids. Would it work.....?

Cooked rice before baking

And after

And then deep fried

It is lovely in it's own right - crispy and chewy.

And for the rest of the dish. It turns out there's no Lychee in the recipe. Lots of Chinese flavours are statements on what the dish is reminiscent of - not what's in it. This one worked - there was a lovely sweet flavour running through it - it really could have been made with lychees

Frying the marinaded pork

And so the finished dish.

The crispy rice was a lovely layer to both the texture and the taste

But - the million dollar question...did it work...well judge for yourself and watch the vid below. There was definitely some cracking - but I think the main problem was the sauce had become too thick with the addition of the corn flour. If I make this again - then I'll be much lighter in that department. However, overfall - a fun nice dish and another success from Fuchsia.

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