Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sichuan Hot and Numbing Beef

This extremely authentic Sichuan 'snack' is a right faff to make, but the results are absolutely amazing. Every time I make it - I never do enough (the meat tends to disappear).

This time I cooked it whilst preparing a Roast Chicken for some friends. Yep - it was a strange starter for an English Roast....but they certainly didn't mind and we polished the lot off. It's another one from the awesome Fuscia Dunlops Sichuan Cookbook. Click on the Sichuan or Chinese cuisine links for a few more posts.

As you can see - it's going to be fragrant.

These are the basic marinade ingredients. I can't really se that it makes much difference, especially as they are so whole - but that it is the recipe

The marinaded beef is then deep fried until crispy

And then slowly stewed in a fragrant chinese broth of the marinade ingrediaents, star anise, soy and sesame oil, cinamon and so on....

Until you are left with a glistening sticky mess....

These sichuan peppers are from my trip to China. If you've never experienced their numbing (not hot) effects - then get down to China Town now!

A highly spiced dressing of sichuan pepper, chilli and sesame oil.....

The finished article. Chinese billtong/jerky I suppose....but worth the hassle.

Finished with some fried dried sichuan chillies.

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