Sunday, 12 May 2013

Homemade Sausages

I'd been wanting to try a sausage for ages, and I'd recently borrowed a mates sausage making machine.I found myself down in town on a Friday afternoon and my wife was going out that evening so I was on baby sitting duty. I wandering into the local butchers and they sold me a short length of natural casings. Not having planned the evening I wasn't really sure what else I needed - so I bought some pork belly...

It was then on with some serious grinding action

And some white pepper and mace (I was making it up at this point)

Ooh Eer

Not three bad...

I read somewhere that they needed to hang to dry a bit. Good use for the wine glass holder

Decided to bake them as I didn't know if they'd stand a grill or fry

Well - you can't complain. Especially when served with a Cotswold Old Ledgebar !

Next time, I'll follow a recipe - maybe a bit more juicy if I can help it

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