Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thai Banquet

Had a few people round for Saturday dinner. The previous weekend we'd been to a Thai restaurant and had a great Tom Kha Kai - so that set the agenda.

I cooked from the always excellent Food of Thailand, but this was the first time I'd done a full on Thai dinner party. No issue - apart from the stunning amount of coconut milk I had to buy! Heart attack city....

As always - a fresh Red Curry Paste

The white pepper was bought from my new local Thai supermarket (at great relative expense) but it's lovely and pungent.

Frying the paste with some coconut milk (what else!)

I'd roasted a duck for the red Duck and Lychee curry

Pretty damn tasty

I also did some spare ribs - marinaded overnight in plum sauce - and they were superb..

And my favorite - was a crispy fish salad

Started with some grill cod

Which was then blitzed...

Before shallow frying and serving with a tart Thai salad and dressing...Lovely...

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