Saturday, 17 March 2012

BBQ Paella

My brother brought me a great book for my Birthday - Paella by Alberto Herraiz.

The guy is a serious Paella obsessive - and so I thought...if you can't beat 'em join 'em. By that what I mean is that half the recipes call for the Paella to be cooked over an open flame. Well - it was mid March and freezing cold so a gas BBQ would have to suffice...

But before the main event - some Tapas.

Chorizo with cider first up

Very nice is was too....didn't fry the Chorizo like I normally do and I think it was better for it

Some classic Garlic Prawns

Enough butter !

They didn't last long

And finally the main event. You don't get this in Tesco !

More garlic

Rabbit, chicken and green beans - the classic Paella

Where does all the liquid go !

See - told ya - BBQ Paella...chuckle...

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