Saturday, 25 February 2012


So we went for a trip to some friends in Vienna, Austria and had a great time. One of the meals we were served was with some local sausages - a Wurst of some sort...which was superb!

And the the local supermarket we trekked so I could bring some back.

These were the local Viennese Frankfurters I believe...

I also bought some of the local mustard (but to be honest I prefer a good dollop of English or French)

Split the ends - for a real genuine experience.

Rather nice

Nope - bloody fantastic

And served with Sauerkraut that I found right at the back of the store cupboard (2005 vintage!!). Absolutely fine - I love it

And so to the next set...about a week later

What a lovely sight

Perfect sausages, mash and mustard - a great meal

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