Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lamb Kebab

I am getting increasing interested in Turkish food. It seems to me there is a great deal we don't really know about what seems to be a very interesting mix of east/west. So, after watching Anthony Boudain in Istanbul the other day - I had to cook something this weekend. I suppose slightly disappointingly I went for Kebab....but I certainly wasn't disappointed.

I have a great book on Turkish Cooking and indeed - if you click the link you'll see the front cover is the meal I was attempting.

Only a few major ingredients - a good start

I need to get some of those very flat skewers

Unfortunately it was simply too wet for the outside BBQ :o(

However - they turned out superb

Served on a bed of fried pita, fresh tomato juice and yogurt. Lovely...

...if not a bit turd like !

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