Sunday, 23 January 2011

Simple Milk Loaf

I've had this feeling I've been missed out on a large part of cooking for some time now - that of making bread. It's a basic and important part of any cultures cuisine. However, I'm afraid I quite like a cheap white medium loaf from the supermarket for my sandwiches.

But still I thought - there must be something in it - and so I was very pleased to get  The Handmade Loaf  for Xmas. It's a very inspiring book - but not for the faint hearted. The author has travelled the world and has authentic bread recipes from all over the place. Trouble is - there's no short cut and plenty of need for specialist flours and so on. How silly I thought - I until I realised that was the point of the book - and then it made sense!

A fair few of the recipes call for the use of a home made Leaven. If you don't know what that is - wait a while - I'm in the process of making one and a post in the future will detail my results.

This recipe however is far simpler - it's about the simplest in the book - and guess what - it makes simple white bread - rock on!

It still required 3 different flours......and having never really given flour much notice before this in itself was quite interesting. I never knew there was so many - and also how much the graphics designers had been at the packaging

Golden syrup in bread you say - OK lets give it a go

And so when you don;t have either a home-made leaven or fresh yeast - then it's back to the dried stuff

Making the dough

I just liked this photo of the olive oil on the wood - before needing

Can you tell what it is yet...

Nice baps !

Oooh! That looks good

What a result for my first ever loaf !

A lovely sweet moist thick bread...

Which was perfect for a morning snack of homemade jelly on toast - and it was perfect!

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