Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pork Vindaloo

I love curry. If I could only eat one cuisine for the rest of my life - it'd be Indian.

And when i find a new curry house - the acid test for me is a Lamb Vindaloo and a Bhindi Bhaji. Try as I might I 've never been able ot recreate that curry house curry flavour. A well done vindi is the pinnacle of that restaurant phenomenon for me..just a sauce, cubes of meat and potato...hot... pungent. I adore it when it's done well.

But....it's sooo difficult to recreate that 'authentic' (!) curry house taste at home. I've a million Indian cookbooks and it's always the same. the results are generally fantastic - but nothing like the 'real' thing (yes yes I know - they are the real thing - but you get my point).

Ans so it was again....this is a fantastic lovely spicy pungent hot sweet dish and nothing like you'll get in the Raj Tandoori - shame. One day I will find the recipe....

It all starts with a spice marinade (the cinnamon and cardamom really add a layer of difference)

And the 'vin' in vindaloo (or so I understand)

To make a marinade

Some fried onions garlic and chilli to start it all off

Frying the pork with the marinade (after a day)

Chopped toms go in

And it cooks down to this little beauty

Now I love curry and chips....so that;s what i had. A brilliant meal made even better by watching Arsenal cruise past Leeds in the FA Cup 3rd round replay !


Paul said...

Steve, when I stop dribbling, I'm going to mark this recipe for when I get home. It looks and sounds A-mazing!

Paul said...

Steve, when I stop dribbling I've mark this page so I can do the meal when I get home. It looks and sounds A-mazing!