Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Proper Paella

I really really hate mass produced tourist Paella. Really hate it.

So...when in Spain I decided to go as authentic as I could. I read in my 'Food of Spanish Markets' cook book that whilst it's generally impossible to get two Spanish persons to agree with what actually makes up a proper Paella - what they will (should) say is that seafood is a no-no.....and thus an authentic recipe followed. Here's my attempt.

The key ingredients are actually rabbit and chicken bits.....

..and some lovely runner beans

Frying off the meat

Plenty of paprika and tomato juice

The real deal

Surely that'as too much liquid does it all go ???

And I was most proud of this. A real Paella should have a very distinct 'soccarat' or crust that forms on the base of the Paella. I've never had this in (touristy) I was very pleased with this. It really does add something to the eating experience!

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