Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Venison En Croute

When in Rome...or rather - when in Norfolk....

We had a week's holiday at Lou's family cottage. I took up a few cookbooks, and this had to include Cooking At Morston Hall - by Galton Blackiston, which pays homage to the food and cooking of the North Norfolk coast.

After a long deliberation, and knowing that Mum & Dad were joining us, I decided on what is basically a posh diner party dish, but I was swayed by the fact that I was able to get some of the local venison as the star ingredient. Dad was keen to make a guest appearance on the blog, and so was happy to pitch in.

I'm not saying how much this was !

A simple set of ingredients - but what a you will see

Dad gets a cameo role in the blog....making the mushroom veloute

Cooking down the mushrooms and fennel after Dad's expert whizzing

Next - the recipe called for parsley pancakes!

Browning my meat !

A layer of puff pastry with a layer of pancakes

Followed by a layer of mushroom sauce

And wrap it all up

Until it looks like a pigs bladder !!!


Happy - but nervous...what's it going to be like....

And how about that. Very happy!

...but to be honest..I think the photos make it look a bit better than it actually was. It was certainly nice - but it didn't have the wow factor - certainly not for the cost/effort/time that went into it.

However - one can't complain at the provenance of the dish....this beast was likely roaming the land in one of the lovely stately homes just close to the cottage only a few days before. Happy days.

And as a little post script....

Very good cold as a salad a few days later....

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