Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cromer Crab Salad

Another attempt to eat things very close to where we were staying.....which was at the fantastic Oram Norfolk cottage.

This caught my eye as something that might be interesting (from Cooking at Mortson Hall by Galston Blackiston), and knowing that Dad would certainly want to by a Cromer crab when we went up the coast it all seemed like a swimmingly good idea....

Rather pleased with this photo of Cromer pier. Yep - this is the middle of August & the crabs are out there somewhere

Are you pleased to see me - I do you have a crab in your pocket?

We also bought (and not foraged to my disappointment) some samphire

And so the finished salad. The idea was to layer the white and dark meat with a mustard based layer and an avocado/chilli/coriander layer. Unfortunately, I was in charge of the seasoning - and I think I went a bit heavy handed. In my defence, the recipe did not warn about this - but my efforts totally overpowered the delicate taste of the crab (which was lovely as I'd sneaked a few spoons during preparation). A definite lesson learnt: Crab = delicate seasoning. Looks bloody good though !

We'd also bought some lovely smoked haddock from the Cley Smoke House, which I flaked and grilled with some Norfolk cheese.

..and so overall - a reasonable dish - but not great

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