Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tandoori Chicken (test run)

I'm getting annoyed with my tandoor. I've yet to get it so hot that it really sears and tandoors the meat. Indeed, I have always had to finish in the grill / oven. This time I tried a load more coal - and still no luck. Hot at the bottom (to the extent of burning the lowest food) and no cooking the highest at all. What am I doing wrong?? Surely not more coal than this effort.

Anyway - the story....

Made a marinade.

Plenty of coal (or is it??)


Surely that's hot enough ??

153 on the wall - not great.....

Complete with potato guards

looks promising

Tried it with the lid on

This is after 40 minutes

Burnt at bottom - not cooked at the top.

And so into the oven for a grilling

Lovely once complete - but not how they do it at the Star of India !

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