Friday, 23 July 2010

Beef Short Ribs

Been wanting to cook these babies for some time. I'd seen them in my Korean book, and so when I ordered the steak for the previous post I included a couple of slabs.

However, upon re-reading the recipes in the Korean book I have, I realised that these are actually more suited for a low slow braise in a stew. Given it's so hot at the moment I didn't think this was a particularly good idea, and so I decided to try and slow BBQ them.

They certainly look the business. Couldn't mistake them for anything but ribs

And so after 6 slow hours in the smoker...something prehistoric turned up!

I still love this view of them

As you can see, the smoker imparted the usual pink tinge....and you can see that they retained an incredible amount of moisture...but....

...they were actually underdone - even after 6 hours. The cut is quite tough, and an under cooked short rib takes a bit of chewing I can tell you. I do believe a few more hours and they would have been great....they were simply OK at this point. (the left over veg cheese back was however very nice!) 

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