Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lancashire Hotpot with Steamed Treacle Pudding

This dish has been on my radar for ages - literally a decade - and I've never actually got round to cooking it. However, my bruv was up and we were off to the Arsenal West Ham game (which we won 2 - nil - champions???), and since it had been pushed back to 5:30 - it seemed like a sensible dish to prepare in advance...ready for the post match/beer celebrations.

It was quite simply superb. The recipe called for chops from the best end of lamb - but Sainbury's had a half price deal on leg of lamb - so I ended up cutting great chunks off one of these. Pan frying in seasoned flour and then stewing for 2 hours....I luckily had some frozen gravy that I used as the basis for the stock. It was melt in the mouth tender at the end. A fantastic dish.

Did it taste better for the stock pot ? I'm sure the old Speckled Hen in the distance helped also.

Made a stock with the lamb bones

And some fresh rosemary from the garden

Frying the lamb

Before 1

Before 2

And 2 hours later...

Severed up with some steamed and buttered spring greens...Yum

And Lou followed up with a perfect home made treacle tart!

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