Friday, 18 December 2009

Chicken Dopiaza

The first India dish I ever knew the literal translation of was Dopiaza, meaning 'Two Onions'
It either relates to twice the amount of onions to meat, or onions cooked two ways. Either way, I love this dish when it's done well - when the sweetness of stewed onions is a magnificient feature of the taste.

In this recipe (from the awesome Food Of India), I did onions two ways (minced and stewed), and probably had about twice as much as the meat - so a DoPiaza squared ?

The reason for the dish....

Minced onions, garlic and ginger. Cooked slowly this forms the basis of the thick sauce. It's also the basis of a basic curry gravy and can be used for many standard curry dishes

Fried chicken and large chunks of onions.

The final dish....Lovely

I decided on a little lentil side dish. Parridu. This is simply stewed red lentils, cooked in coconut milk.

The secret of the dish....a spicy onion mixture made with black onion seeds and cumin.

...which gets added to the lentils at the last minute

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