Sunday, 8 November 2009

Thai Green Chicken Curry

I can think of nothing more relaxing than cooking a curry from scratch. This was fairly extreme even for me- down to the real coconut cream! Followed the recipe from the Food Of Thailand - and it was superb.

It was all inspired by a trip to China Town where I saw this fantastic bunch of Thai Sweet Basil

The ingredients for a proper green curry paste

One of my fav kitchen gadgets - the mini blender

I've learnt to only use the soft middle layers - so no more picking woody bits from my teeth!

The finished paste - with enough in the pot for the freezer!

And so to the fresh coconut cream

If you ever cook Thai - then invest in some Palm Sugar. Seems to keep for ages and adds a lovely depth to the sweetness

Thai Eggplants - ooops - I mean aubergines

Once all the above is made- the rest is straightforward

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