Saturday, 3 October 2009

Jambalya, Guacamole and Key Lime Pie

Bit of a states-side theme tonight.

We are still waiting for the little 'un to arrive - and so we had a free weekend. We asked some good friends of ours - Nic and Andrea - around, and they obliged by flying in from Greece for the evening.

All set for the evening...

This Jambalya receipe came from Emeril Lagasse. If you ever watched food programming in America you'll know what I mean by Kick it up a notch... . I food hero of mine. Below are the ingredients for his Cajun Essence!

And this is what is looks like - freshly made

The holy trinity of Cajun food - onions, peppers and celery

Should have been Duck.....but nothing wrong with a bit of thigh ;o)

How cute is that ? (Lots of onions!)

Fresh Guacamole (note MOLE - see previous post)

Arty shot of Guacamole

Not forgetting the Jambalya

Lou says I'm not allowed to say I thought it was a bit stodgy

And not forgetting Lou's tremendous Key Lime Pie

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