Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hawaiian Pizza

First day back at work after paternity :o(

Lou was back at home and little Tom had decided to play up a bit. She rang and said she would like something ‘plain’. Damn I thought – as I always think of a spicy curry, or fragrant Chinese as my fist cooking options. I’d settled on a creamy pasta dish when we passed a Domino’s pizza. Ah ha – that’s a better idea!

Once I’d then convinced myself not to cook my version of an American Hot – I thought – I know lets go cheesy, so to speak, and have a Hawaiian!

Made a fresh pizza base

And some fresh tomato sauce

I love Mozzarella…but would it be enough?

Well – it is a Hawaiian!

Secret to a good pizza – use less sauce. Pizzas I made at University (a few years ago now!) would end up swimming and never have a crispy base. Simple – watch the guys make it in New York and see how little they actually use. Even this is too much really


After – very very nice (but I’d prefer a bit more cheese – just because….)

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